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safe1809005 artist:kittyrosie845 rainbow dash243997 pegasus332675 pony1147811 absurd resolution68249 backwards ballcap972 baseball cap2314 blushing213595 cap5084 clothes498255 cute213544 dashabetes9977 flannel393 hat95513 one eye closed34590 open mouth165856 radical51 skateboard744 solo1142782 starry eyes3712 tomboy1184 wingding eyes24667


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Well, the remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater sold over a million copies upon release.
@Communist Starlight
Overall there are five types of skaters: professionals like Nyjah Huston and Tony Hawk, kids who take it up to idolize pros like the aformentioned people, passionate teens whose life flesh and blood is skating, college campus commuters (they often have larger longboards rather than “street” skateboards), and swag-obsessed tiktok influencers who latch onto anything that’s currently considered “cool”.

Some people rode skateboard around campus when I was in college and I’m not that old. I actually see skateboarding more as a hobby and an interest rather than some hip thing people do.
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I know in the 90s, young people loved skateboards and were popular. Are skateboards still popular with people now? interesting..
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Damn you were so close - you uploaded this yesterday! Today is Tony Hawk’s 53rd birthday! And Dash is doing one of his tricks - Backside 180 ollie air!