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suggestive165328 artist:chigusa143 princess celestia102419 human186769 ass63226 bare shoulders4344 big breasts99809 bra18363 breasts324556 busty princess celestia11708 butt149267 clothes533923 cutie mark51777 cutie mark on human2320 dialogue75928 female1538113 huge breasts46246 huge butt12276 humanized107251 implied princess luna556 implied weight gain182 impossibly large butt8329 jiggle2100 large butt22766 pants17727 praise the sun2204 sideboob12116 solo1212112 solo female199682 speech bubble29020 sports bra4130 standing16857 sunbutt4743 text71412 the ass was fat17305 underwear68041


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Background Pony #2A04
Me and Celestia were getting ready for the gym. But Celestia was having trouble putting on her pants. I finished getting ready and went to Celestia’s changing room to help her.
Y/N: Hey Celly, you ready yet? - She gasped and looked at me as I saw her with her butt exposed.
Celestia: Oh Y/N…I’m not ready. - She looked at her ass. - Gosh… maybe I should cut off those cakes.
Y/N: You don’t have to Celly. All those cakes did a good thing for ya.
Celestia: What do you mean? - She watched me come to her and leaned closer to her cute plump butt. - Y/N wait…what are you doing? You can’t…Oooohhh. - She stopped by me grabbing her and buried my face between her buttcheeks. - moans oh Y/N, just like…that.
Y/N: You see Celly? All that cake did a good thing to your cute ass.
Celestia: I guess you’re right sweetie. giggles You know, the gym can wait, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s making me feel good.
Y/N: With pleasure babe. - I continued to snuggle on Celestia’s butt giving her a pleasant feeling making her enjoy it. I enjoy it as well. Now, lets hope we don’t get caught.
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Don’t cut off the cakes, dear princess, they give you such a marvelous body <3
Would you rather be smothered by her massive booty or glorioius breasts?
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