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Sunset sends you this picture during your camp school trip, what could it mean?

Originally I was going to leave this as a colored sketch only, but I put some shadows with the airbrush to not leave it so boring looking

safe1751559 artist:nire161 sunset shimmer64841 human159022 equestria girls207329 ass50934 bed42378 bedroom eyes61419 blushing204819 boots22944 breasts288910 bunset shimmer1807 busty sunset shimmer5680 butt66042 camp everfree282 camp everfree outfits1854 cellphone3927 clothes476349 denim shorts732 female1402817 indoors3430 jumper151 legs8844 looking at you175849 looking back60128 looking back at you16011 multicolored hair5957 one leg raised200 phone6733 ponytail18884 rear view12824 red socks26 selfie3285 shoes38773 shorts14550 smartphone2195 socks68598 solo1095065 spiked headband154 tan skin61 tanned214 turquoise eyes58


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