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suggestive143205 artist:imsomethingradical14 cheerilee9985 human154836 equestria girls200751 barefoot27607 belly button78043 breasts278127 busty cheerilee721 cheerileeder387 cheerleader2760 clothes460320 commission68609 feet39986 humanized100138 midriff19342 one eye closed30826 open mouth146250 open smile678 panties50288 silly panties184 skirt39826 smiling249055 snoopy103 underwear60909 upskirt5886 wink24791


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Background Pony #227C
Aren't cheerleader panties part of the uniform? That would be a good reason for them to be one coloured. Unless Cheerilee picked it up in the naughty costume store.
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Artism Bot 2.0

That's true. The reactions are sometimes part of the appeal.

And regarding your reply to my comment on the other version, about having multiple edits for different tastes, I'll take that into consideration if I decide to edit these myself.
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@Artism Bot 2.0
Sometimes a woman just wants to wear some cute panties with cute characters. It's certainly rarely available, but definitely should be available more. There are sometimes though.

It also gives a bigger reason for them to be embarrassed about their panties.
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Background Pony #EFD7
I do have a full profile, but being anonymous for the sake of one conversation is as easy as ticking the "Anonymous" box below the comment input.
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Background Pony #EFD7
@Background Human
Let me throw out a hypothetical: A girl has invited you to the bedroom, she's letting you strip her out of her clothes, and her panties have a big Snoopy on the front. What think?

I appreciate the effort, don't have to do that for little ol' anonymous me
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Background Pony #EFD7
Normally I like a good panty flash, but patterned panties like these feel like they're trending towards infantilism to me. It's hard to explain but it's off-putting.
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