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Chickler said:
Let's fix up our gender then sail the seven seas to Equestria, trying to avoid seadog territory.

You store 16 Beetroots, 8 Cabbages, and 16 Potatoes.

After climbing aboard the sailboat and unloading your supplies, you figure that now is as good a time as any to undo your transformation mishap. Using the ring of alter sex with the antimagic toggle bracelet, you successfully revert your body back to its original form. You are now a mare again.

Moonflower: "Ooh, it worked! Welcome back!"

You grin at Moonflower, and admit that having been a stallion for so long makes you realize how truly life-changing this ring could be in the right hooves. But for now, you'll keep it closeby just for her.

Moonflower: "Heehee! I like it a lot. But maybe we should bring it to Moondancer when we go to Canterlot later."

You nod, realizing that it has been over a week since you left Amblerta, and that your unicorn friends from Canterlot must have since returned home. And following suit, you raise the anchor, and begin your own homebound journey.

The sailboat's engine hums steadily as you speed southward across the seas, far from the seadogs' known territory. For a mercy, the evening sky is clear and the waters calm, allowing for smooth sailing over the next few hours.

As the sun begins to set over the horizon, unfamiliar lands come into view. From a distance, you follow long stretches of dry, barren steppes, with no signs of civilization to be seen.

Then, far from the sandy shores, you spy tall, stacked mesas overlooking the coastline, and colourful winged airships flying to and from a settlement built into steep escarpments, leaving you no doubt as to where you are; Aviania, the Harpy Kingdom.

Apple Basket: "Uh, well I don't know much about harpies, but that might be the last town we see before sundown. What do you gals reckon we should do?"

You consider your options. On one hoof, harpies are generally friendly and willing to barter, and it would be nice to get some rest without having to stand watch.

On the other hoof, they are also well-known for only accepting love from male creatures as payment, and you do have more than enough supplies to stay aboard overnight.

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