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Based loosely on an awesome story by


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Part 1: >>2470547
Part 3: >>2611419
suggestive145515 artist:lordstormcaller120 part of a set12754 princess celestia95840 princess luna99927 twilight sparkle303150 alicorn228563 anthro264715 unguligrade anthro49306 series:gamer grub3 armband870 belly28988 belly button79511 big belly11673 big breasts83847 breasts283511 busty princess celestia10390 busty princess luna7054 busty twilight sparkle12233 chubby13342 chubby cheeks3836 cleavage35125 clothes467317 commission70645 dialogue66553 diet79 earbuds846 exercise695 fanfic art14628 fat22368 female1381719 females only12760 fetish40778 hands on belly62 hands on hip730 headband3501 high res31150 illustration398 jogging190 light blue background30 link in description385 looking at each other20833 muffin top705 music player128 obese11699 onomatopoeia4397 overweight379 part of a series2640 princess moonpig572 shorts14232 simple background401241 sound effects2194 speech bubble23768 sports bra3301 stomach noise3262 story included9255 sweatband560 teasing3819 thighs14350 thunder thighs8658 tight clothing2601 tongue out106049 trio9439 trio female1904 twilard sparkle1364 water bottle512 weight gain4338 wide eyes17218 word balloon307 workout783 wristband3713


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