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safe1709475 edit132813 edited screencap65392 editor:quoterific1903 screencap222617 applejack170158 diamond cutter60 lavender bloom66 rainbow dash234259 rarity182126 starlight glimmer48738 twilight sparkle300708 alicorn225039 earth pony249821 pony970535 unicorn324668 a canterlot wedding2855 a dog and pony show611 castle mane-ia890 fame and misfortune1087 forever filly570 inspiration manifestation882 magical mystery cure2363 season 11974 season 21523 season 3873 season 42529 season 51301 season 6584 season 7615 sisterhooves social679 suited for success860 tanks for the memories1462 the cart before the ponies873 the cutie map4149 the gift of the maud pie946 bridesmaid dress289 carousel boutique2195 clothes460686 crying43657 cute200267 drama queen246 dress44631 eyes closed93855 female1365855 filly66970 filly rarity432 food70291 hatless2029 ice cream5034 makeup21545 male373736 mare482083 marshmelodrama821 mascarity88 missing accessory8181 nose in the air1288 ocular gushers303 open mouth146440 puppy dog eyes734 raribetes5417 rarity being rarity311 robe3665 running5984 running away221 running makeup2127 sad24552 sitting63423 smiling249338 stallion109281 tears of joy2530 teeth9831 trio9217 trio female1799 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123837 volumetric mouth687 wavy mouth3699 wedding dress1826 younger17408


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Background Pony #9B16
I find her crying more sad then funny to be honest, like her being this sad makes me feel her pain and saddness too and I feel for Rarity. :'(