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safe1707409 edit132611 edited screencap65270 editor:quoterific1854 screencap222311 applejack169999 fluttershy212762 pinkie pie216297 rarity181938 twilight sparkle300453 earth pony249120 pegasus292168 pony968552 unicorn323835 baby cakes667 party of one1084 pinkie pride1522 ponyville confidential998 putting your hoof down783 rock solid friendship1233 season 11912 season 21432 season 3823 season 42512 season 51179 season 7595 season 81055 season 9984 tanks for the memories1462 the beginning of the end2155 the lost treasure of griffonstone1082 the maud couple751 too many pinkie pies1848 spoiler:s08889 spoiler:s09685 applejack's hat7359 cowboy hat15897 crying43598 duo61422 duo female10917 eyes closed93646 female1364032 floppy ears52360 fluttershy's cottage1406 grin38578 hat86930 lip bite11620 male373050 mare481137 nose in the air1286 open mouth146023 pinkamena diane pie19115 sad24539 sitting63303 smiling248742 solo1064914 stallion108970 sugarcube corner2351 tears of joy2525 teeth9798 unicorn twilight17532 volumetric mouth681 wavy mouth3689


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