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safe1707700 edit132658 edited screencap65301 editor:quoterific1859 screencap222362 apple bloom49568 applejack170034 bon bon16375 carrot top5482 cherry berry2141 comet tail881 cup cake4173 discord30995 fluttershy212807 golden harvest5482 granny smith5352 minuette5844 neon lights889 pinkie pie216333 rainbow dash234093 rarity181978 rising star886 sassaflash963 scootaloo51285 spike78835 sweetie belle49065 sweetie drops16375 dragon56382 earth pony249250 pegasus292309 pony968848 unicorn323980 apple family reunion1100 hearthbreakers1207 honest apple748 magical mystery cure2362 make new friends but keep discord2047 the big mac question1063 the last problem5816 the mane attraction1214 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000813 ^^296 apple bloom's bow1383 applejack's hat7365 bow28679 carousel boutique2190 clothes460117 cowboy hat15906 crying43615 crying on the outside17 cutie mark crusaders19040 dress44586 eyes closed93684 female1364337 filly66820 hair bow15607 hat86956 lip bite11623 male373183 mare481283 one eye closed30799 sad24540 sadjack31 stallion109035 tears of joy2527 twilight's castle3902


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Keira Alcove
Artist -

@Train Track
Just for that one instance. But only because she didn't feel the same level of emotion about Tank as Rainbow Dash did, unlike Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity.

Pinkie should have known better than to make it sound like that's how she always is, and Applejack made the mistake of saying it was true. XD
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