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Doodle commission for iamgoku, featuring their character Anna being foot-teased by AJ, in EqG style!

Even if I draw almost exclusively anthro, it can be great practice to go out of the comfort zone and try out different styles. Plus, I need to learn how to draw decent humans/humanized versions eventually lol. So, enjoy!

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suggestive142895 artist:fetishsketches764 applejack169832 oc684155 oc:anna296 equestria girls200306 arm behind head6332 barefoot27538 big feet235 blushing197511 boots22012 breasts277521 busty applejack10463 clothes459314 commission68350 couch8249 doodle2792 feet39860 female1362312 females only12632 fetish39950 foot fetish7757 jeans4114 pants14535 shoes36694


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You did such a great job on this, Anna looks great as does AJ, you might do Anthro most of the time, but this proves you can do EQG just as well :)

AJ's big stompers look great and such a teasing pose, thank you again for doing this commission.
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