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A full mockup of one of the cards I made based on the fifth through eighth episodes of Pony Life, Season 2, with additional decoration provided by Phil Srobeighn.

The average glycemic index of Sugarcube Corner's menu is 150. (For reference, pure glucose is 100.)
safe1708016 edit132696 edited screencap65330 screencap222431 pinkie pie216357 rarity182000 earth pony249349 pony969117 unicorn324088 my little pony: pony life5477 pony life5954 the tiara of truth29 spoiler:pony life s02e0629 ccg1272 cupcake5411 derp6801 duo61496 duo female10945 eyes closed93712 faic12334 female1364583 food70207 magic the gathering759 open mouth146165 sitting63350 sugarcube corner2353 this will end in diabetes53 trading card796 trading card edit348 tray812


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I forgot to point this out in the blog, because I was tired yesterday and didn't remember this scene all too well, though I might go back and mention it now. Either way, this scene is possibly the closest the show has ever gotten to the 'Pinkie is the group's drug dealer' joke.
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