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safe1706892 artist:zazush-una144 apple bloom49514 featherweight1270 scootaloo51263 sweetie belle49045 twilight sparkle300364 pony968069 2021416 book33494 camera3982 cutie mark crusaders19031 cyrillic2485 hat86893 mouth hold17492 newbronycon169 notepad511 pencil3654 rubronycon499 russia868 russian4504


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Background Pony #70CB
Yeah, this conbook is great.

You can write in english even below russian tagged images, most of russian derpibooru users can read and write it even without translation programs.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Я любить Кюти Марк Крусэдэрс. Эппл Блум, Скуталу и Свити Бель очень милый на тот книга.
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