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Background Pony #E7A1
George Garza: Actually in my head canon, Spike is only 2 years younger than Rarity
Background Pony #63D9
@Background Pony #64E2
don't you think that's weird? See, spike is a boy, and rarity is much older than him

@Background Pony #D4BA
I agree with you. spike is the same age as the cutie mark crusaiders. Imagine if a child dating with an adult or teenager and his parents will not accept it, they only saw him as a friend and the girl or boy who feels a little embarrassing that someone so young only saw him as a little brother and did not accept him/her as a couple .
Background Pony #D4BA
@Background Pony #64E2
Because someone that looks like they belong in middle school kissing/dating someone in high school wouldn't be totally weird in a gross way. You can imagine the kind of gross I'm talking about.
"But dragon Spike as a dog still having—"
Yeah, but that was weird in a funny, goofy way. Plus the actual dog Spike has zero interest in Rarity or humans at all.