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What time is it?
Pony redraw time!
Aug 5, 2020
alternate source (FA) Sept 30, 2020  
alternate source (dA)  
I love them so
but I love Celestia more
Nov 1, 2020
safe1864637 artist:fakeanna7 princess celestia100818 princess luna105128 alicorn254010 pony1209057 sparkle's seven1743 annoyed5972 aside glance587 canterlot castle2440 canterlot throne room180 celestia is not amused597 crown21819 duo90904 ethereal mane9747 faic13132 female1503882 floppy ears59368 frown26053 grumpy2817 jewelry80336 looking at each other24617 luna is not amused543 mare558785 multicolored mane2564 narrowed eyes1022 regalia25590 royal sisters5191 scene interpretation9414 siblings12315 sisters11068 stained glass1326 starry mane5376 throne3485 unamused18525


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