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The MLP Lover-Fan

Oh, my, this is my first artwork since Image >>2512118 to receive more than five comments.

What a coincidence.

@Background Pony #FCF1
Much for the fact that the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to get Cozy Glow (who was a protagonist at the time before School Raze) in trouble, and they probably decided to give her the papers they had during the writing exams.

@Dex Stewart
Oh? You also had written answers like this back in middle school? It’s just a shame that this happened to you first before Cozy Glow would end having the same results. It seems Cozy Glow wasn’t the first after all.


A joke that remains one of the funniest in the show’s history.

Wallet After Summer Sale -

I didn’t even feel like it was that inappropriate, considering how Twilight is almost like a mother to Spike and the CMC through their sisters.

Background Pony #FCF1

The sheer taking the piss randomness of that answer still gets me.
How the HELL do you think someone’s been fed incorrect answers when they put that down? really?

The only reason to say that is a “I don’t care about this test” reason.