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Okay, first things first. I’ll admit i based this one off >>2596160 . (I don’t know who i should be crediting though, since artist details are a bit vague on that upload…)
But at least i drew the lingerie, and man it was a real hassle. Searching for proper lingerie references has become a bit painful for me…
suggestive148594 artist:alandssparkle186 derpibooru exclusive29375 twilight sparkle306623 equestria girls207764 absurd resolution67056 arm behind head6836 belly button81569 black underwear3900 bra16526 breasts289484 busty twilight sparkle12489 clothes477189 female1405255 frilly underwear4509 gradient background13479 lidded eyes31895 lingerie10856 lip bite12064 looking at you176288 panties51555 ribbon7271 sexy30779 signature27127 simple background410435 solo1096931 solo female183980 stockings34309 strapless bra91 stupid sexy twilight1039 thigh highs38291 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126363 underwear62594


not provided yet


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