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Dash has been totally in love with Fluttershy for aaaaaages, ever since they were in flight school together. Dash got her growth spurt first and it was the closest in height to Fluttershy she'd ever been, who had been taller then her ever since they were fillies; she got it into her head that she was gonna make a big flowery confession to her as soon as she was finally taller.

Unfortunately for her, Fluttershy SPROUTED upwards shortly afterwards and ends up being one of the tallest in the mane six. Dash somehow got too embarrassed to ever tell Fluttershy aftewards how she really felt and they lost touch once they graduated high school; they only really reconnected after Twilight came into their lives. They still spent years awkwardly dancing around each other and pining until Discord finally prodded Fluttershy into confessing.

Rainbow Dash is SO hard to color fml

Published: 04/05/2021
safe1707538 artist:moonstruck-badger25 fluttershy212784 rainbow dash234069 pegasus292236 pony968689 age progression636 female1364164 flutterdash4545 height difference656 height envy2 lesbian97065 looking at each other20251 mare481201 question mark4529 shipping200387 simple background393866 sitting63321 smoldash178 tallershy74 thought bubble3421 white background98013


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