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Borg said:
I love it when a plan comes together! Of course we'll help, especially if we've still got the rest of the day to sightsee down here.

. . . And then after we finish our missions at Yggdrasil we may need to help with these monsters which are clearly being created from the capital to control the populace. But crossing the mists first.

You agree to let the unicorns use your sailboat. You figure that it should give you some time to rest, and to explore what the Undercity has to offer.

Justice: "I had a feeling we could count on you. A chance like this won't come again."

Rocket Rush hops off the counter, landing on her metallic hooves with heavy thunks and mechanical whirring noises.

Rocket Rush: "Alright! Novel and I will get started on the mods right away. I promise that we'll take good care of your boat! Speaking of which, where did you say you left it?"

You tell Rocket Rush the location of your sailboat.

Justice: "Hmm. We'll have to move it somewhere out of the Order's sight before we can proceed with the modifications. Did you get your hooves on a map of the island, by chance?"

You present your map of Midgard to Justice, and using a pen, she marks a spot on the inner coast to the south.

Justice: "Meet with us here tomorrow by sunrise. To avoid contingencies, use the emergency exit at the southern checkpoint, then keep heading south through the woods until you hit the beach. It should be a two-hour walk at most, so you might want to get up early.

It goes without saying, but don't do anything that would draw attention to yourselves. If the Order is made aware of what we're doing, our venture will be over before it's even started."

Novelty: "And given the time, keep an eye out for monsters, too. Eleven will be keeping our team safe throughout the night, but you…"

Smoke: "Pfft! Those sooty things? I can handle 'em."

Justice: "Good. Then let's get to work. You two go ahead and fetch that watercraft. I'll go find somepony to fill my seat while I'm gone, then I'll head to the meeting point and set up a campsite. As for you, outlanders…"

Justice turns to the screen in front of her, and begins to type something into the machine. A nearby camera turns to look in your direction.

Justice: "There. I've registered you to the residence one hundred ninety-two in the Hold district. It should be supplied within the hour, so don't go spending your bits on necessities. If there's anything else, ask somepony at a checkpoint."

Rocket Rush: "Now, don't forget: straight south, six o'clock. Don't keep us waiting!"

You thank Justice for the accommodations, and promise that you'll be there on time. Once the unicorns are ready to depart, you bid them and Eleven farewell, then exit the northern checkpoint.

You find yourselves back in the stone streets of the underground city. As the afternoon slowly fades into evening, the clouds take on a golden tint, and shine colourful daylight through the large ceiling windows above.

Undecided on how to spend the next few hours, you and your friends gather in front of the nearest map, and begin to discuss your options.

To the north is the northern checkpoint.
To the east is the Hold district, which includes the clinic, the gymnasium, the library, your residence, and the spa.
To the south is the garden, the theatre, the southern checkpoint, and the Mall district, which includes the aquarium, the arcade, the brewery, the exchange, and the stylist.
To the west is the Work district, which includes the foundry, the factory, the generator, the greenhall, and the water treatment plant; the western checkpoint, and Elysia's old waterworks.

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