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Paul said:
I heard brewery. Time to drink!

You suggest visiting the brewery first, and your party agrees, having worked up a thirst from all the travelling you've done today.

Florette: "Good choice! The brewery also serves food to soak up the drinks, and I could go for some lunch, myself."

Revel Stripes: "You go on and have fun while I get these supplies to the bank. And try not to drink yourself back to spring again, Florie."

Florette: "Revel, please! That was just one time…"

Revel Stripes: "I know! I watch the footage back whenever I miss you."

Florette: "Heh heh…! Ahem! Let's get going, shall we?"

You bid farewell to Revel Stripes, and follow Florette south to the Mall district. Curious, you try asking what that was all about.

Florette: "Oh! I-it's nothing, really. Beer simply isn't something you can find on the surface, so the first time I tried it here, I might have had a little too much. My memory is still fuzzy on the details, buuut…"

Florette gestures to a device on a nearby wall, which looks like a security camera. Then, you notice that there are cameras everywhere; around every corner, and with no obvious blind spot in sight.

Florette: "Let's just say that I became more social than usual. Revel was kind enough to pick up after my inebriated self, and to drag me all the way to her residence, but she's never going to let me live it down."

You remark that it sounds like she had a good time, and the cleric silently concurs with a sheepish grin.

As you go through the busy commercial district, you pass by what seem like dozens of storefronts, some at ground level, others stacked on top. Colourful signs light up the streets, advertising every shop's goods and services with eye-catching designs.

Up on the outer walls, large fans spin slowly behind spacious vent covers, pushing in a steady flow of fresh air. Over the main roads, massive panels cover the ceiling, letting in what appears to be natural light from the snowy gray skies above.

You soon make a turn onto a less crowded street, where you come across a small group of colts and fillies who stop in their tracks to admire your bat pony and dragon friends. The latter playfully blows a small flame in the air, earning whispered "wow"s and "cool"s, before moving on to the brewery.

Inside the brewery, you find several tables occupied by unicorns of all ages, chatting around half-empty glasses and plates. The owner welcomes you in, visibly familiar with the cleric.

Brewer: "Florette! And are these outsiders I see? How exceptional! What can I get you all?"

Florette: "Go on, take a pick! My treat."

You thank Florette for her generosity, and each order a drink of your choice, plus a couple of food plates. The brewer then uses some sort of scanning device in the cleric's direction, after which you are directed to a free table.

Soon after taking a seat, your order is delivered, and you begin to eat and drink together. The brew is warm and potent, and its rich taste blends well with the crunchy assortment of root vegetables, making for a refreshing meal. You feel satiated, and a little tipsy!

Time passes quickly as you and your friends share stories from your homelands with Florette, who seems more than happy to learn about the outside world. After a while, however, a nearby clock seems to catch her attention.

Florette: "Is it that time already? Ah well. As much as I wish I could stay longer, I really should get back to work in Elysia. Thank you again for helping me with my delivery. I trust you'll be fine down here without me?"

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