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A new day dawns upon the cliffside town of Norora. Thick gray clouds cover the brightening sky, and cold sea winds sweep the land. You wake up after a good night's sleep, snuggled up warmly against Moonflower and Apple Basket.

Moonflower: "Oooh, mornin'! Did ya have nice dreams? Heehee…"

Apple Basket: "Shucks, I uh… guess I did."

After greeting your pony friends with some hugs and nuzzles, you rub the sleep out of your eyes, and check the time. The clock on the wall indicates nine o'clock. Time to get rolling!

You slide out of bed, and rouse your dragon companion. Smoke yawns and stretches before finally sitting up amid her nest of crumpled fabric. Confusion flashes on her face as she looks around the room, until her eyes land upon you. Then, her casual smile returns.

Smoke: "Oh, is it time to bail already? Well, this was nice while it lasted."

You decide to start your day with a quick shower together, after which you head out to the dining hall for breakfast. When you arrive there, you are beckoned over to the staff table, where you gratefully take seats among familiar faces.

Hearty Gale: "Good morning! Looks like you made it just in time."

As if on cue, a server arrives at the table with trays of food and beverages. You and your friends engage in some small talk over an energizing meal of creamy vegetable and cheese salad on crunchy toasted bread, and in between sips of warm green tea.

You learn that the rest of the hostel's staff should be returning sometime this morning from a trip to Elysia, and that the capital is but a mere two hours' walk away — though going there typically takes longer due to the steep climb up the mountain.

Once breakfast over with, you feel satiated, and ready to get moving. You bid farewell to your workmates, then return to your room, where you begin to prepare for the journey ahead.

You equip 4 Black Snow Boots, Charcoal Coat, Charcoal Ushanka, Magic Sword Scabbard, 2 Mirror Shin Guards, Star Hairpin, Tan Muffler, and Tempered Simple Breastplate.

Being the only one with any bag space left, Moonflower puts whatever remains in her satchel. Then, you bunch up the sheets atop each bed, and leave the room for the reception desk to turn in your key.

You give Norora Hostel Key 1-16 to the receptionist.

Receptionist: "Checking out? Before you go, I just wanted to say thank you again for your help yesterday. You really saved us a lot of headache. Oh, and here's something for your trouble; you've more than earned it. Safe travels!"

Your party gets 48 Bronze Bits! You are not wearing saddlebags, so Moonflower holds onto your share for now.

You bid farewell to the receptionist, and exit the hostel. As you step outside, you are met with frigid air and strong gusts of wind, rippling through the looser folds of your comfortably warm clothes.

Moonflower: "That was super fun! We should totally stay at inns more often."

The road north leads to the temple, the marketplace, the tailor, the laboratory, the chemist, the farrier, and the factory.
The road east leads to the east gate.
The road south leads to the park, and the south gate.
The road west leads to the west gate.

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