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Paul Backus said:
When faced with such a dangerous and deadly opponent, there is only one course of action: flirt like you’ve never flirted before.
You roll a 19 (required 9). Success!
You quickly weigh your options, and decide to do what you do best: friends.
After gesturing to your group that you’ll handle this, you confidently walk up to the dragon, clear your throat, and introduce yourself to her. In turn, she gets up, standing tall above you, and does the same.
Dragon: “Nice to meet ya. I’m Smoke. Wanna know how I got that name?”
Before you can so much as respond, a large cloud of thick, black smoke is blown in your face. It immediately causes your eyes to sting, and sends your two friends into a coughing fit. In the back of your mind, you can’t help but feel intimidated by how easily she rendered your entire party helpless.
Yet, you are determined to get on Smoke’s good side. When the cool breeze clears the air, you casually play it off with mane flip, and meet her amused look with your finest bedroom eyes.
You compliment the dragon’s trick by telling her that for a cold-blooded creature, she certainly is smoking hot. Then, summoning what little dragon knowledge you have, you add that if she’d like to be your dragon lord, you’ll gladly let her have your scepter.
A snort. Then, Smoke bursts out laughing. She laughs and laughs, for about a whole minute, to a point where she can barely stand. Not the reaction you were hoping for, truth be told, but at least she seems to be in good spirits.
Smoke: “Okay! Heheh… you’re a funny guy!”
Once she’s wiped off tears of laughter, the dragon looks back to you. Then, she leans to one side curiously, and notices your disappointment.
Smoke: “Oh! You weren’t joking.”
For a moment, you can almost feel her sizing you up, her smug grin never leaving her snout. Finally, she shrugs.
Smoke: “Eh, scorch it. You know what, Blazer? For a pony, I dig your style. How about we ditch your friends and go have some fun?”
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safe1767876 artist:rangelost1001 oc720833 oc only470701 oc:smoke26 oc:trailblazer361 dragon59570 earth pony273598 pony1027818 cyoa:d20 pony827 clothes481900 crossed arms5474 dragon oc1084 duo66113 female1416878 mare509997 outdoors11948 pixel art11660 scarf24120 sword12093 tree34095 weapon31772


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