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safe1751488 artist:grandescartoons16 artist:superedit118 edit135937 edited screencap67248 screencap227546 moondancer4992 twilight sparkle306284 alicorn233046 pony1011422 unicorn342689 amending fences1264 animated100889 bedroom eyes61411 bipedal36226 blue mane1194 blushing204809 bush2832 clothes476320 collage1450 cute205808 cutie mark49746 daaaaaaaaaaaw4691 dancerbetes389 discovery family1005 discovery family logo11741 eyes closed98213 female1402741 floppy ears54573 glasses64747 grass10157 hnnng2479 horn77811 hug29148 kiss edit50 kissing25391 lesbian99319 long mane3438 mare502612 multicolored mane1689 one eye closed32543 outdoors11637 pink mane913 purple mane660 red mane575 shipping205778 smiling261316 spread wings57143 surprise kiss817 sweater14929 sweet dreams fuel1668 tail31012 the great and powerful superedit59 twiabetes12274 twidancer307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126234 wide eyes17405 wings123338 wink25669


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