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Applejack PL

Hates : Rarijack

Likes : applepie
safe1728582 edit134295 edited screencap66244 screencap224511 applejack171608 pinkie pie218296 rarity183732 earth pony257174 human156889 pony988783 equestria girls203355 equestria girls (movie)7510 equestria girls series33651 how applejack got her hat back174 my little pony: pony life5620 pony life6100 superb six34 amused444 applejack is not amused757 applejack's hat7742 applepie780 bipedal35409 clothes467747 cowboy hat16392 crossed arms5210 crossed hooves1977 duo63001 duo female11483 eyes closed95729 fall formal outfits1559 female1382754 geode of sugar bombs2093 geode of super strength2200 grin39696 hat88462 hatless2067 hotline bling172 lesbian98155 magical geodes9032 meme82501 missing accessory8281 op is a duck4520 op is trying to start shit2874 rarijack7113 shipping203059 smiling254642 solo1079079 unamused16510


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