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comm for @KinshraSlave


The royal sisters seem to be working full tilt trying to sate Brassica here. A feat easier spoken than accomplished. What IS the context here? Have they been threatened? Has Brassica won a bet? Is THIS the bet? Are they bound by fear or by magic? I think deciding that is part of the fun!

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questionable110909 artist:happymilun10 princess celestia94951 princess luna99074 oc683691 oc:brassica16 alicorn224176 earth pony248158 pony966089 bipedal34397 bipedal leaning1730 cake9789 chubby cheeks3751 dialogue65469 donut2021 fat22105 feeding1314 food70023 gluttony117 ice cream5016 leaning3600 morbidly obese7853 obese11552 rolls of fat1784 speech bubble23272 stuffing1247 table9201


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Just…all my yes….just all my yes!

bonus points if she eats the princesses! Hell why just stop there~?
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