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Not a personal ship, but I'll roll with it.😄

Done for Cinco de Mayo, and as a late birthday celebration for Pinkie Pie (whose birthday was on Monday, May 3rd).🥳😁

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021, and a belated happy birthday to my favorite earth pony. 🥰
safe1724565 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28720 king sombra14040 pinkie pie217953 earth pony255643 pony984813 umbrum1229 unicorn331253 .svg available8397 absurd resolution66578 armor24018 aura875 balloon10292 belly button79286 birthday2670 birthday cake897 birthday candle10 birthday candles81 bubble5464 cake9927 candle4801 cape10510 cinco de mayo38 cinco de mayo 20211 clothes466237 colored horn645 curved horn6926 cute202518 dark magic2732 determined smile40 diapinkes10147 ethereal mane8215 ethereal tail425 eye1671 fangs25937 female1379107 flowing mane1717 flowing tail775 food71327 glow4465 hoof around neck180 hoof on head412 horn70235 inkscape1858 king sombrero61 levitation12286 lifted leg516 lightning3192 looking at you171657 magic74163 magic aura4366 male379158 mane1882 mare489723 no base24 one eye closed31473 pinkie pie riding sombra2 pinkie pie's birthday18 ponies riding ponies2474 prancing509 raised hoof47408 riding7543 robe3697 royal cape46 shipping202442 shoes37505 simple background400134 smiling253633 smiling at you4466 smoke2613 sombra eyes3531 sombra horn472 sombradorable340 sombrapie72 sombrero324 stallion111607 straight138043 svg3680 telekinesis28151 text60366 transparent background205108 vector77345 wall of tags3380 wink25132 winking at you973


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Wand of Inferno
I swear americans celebrate 5 de mayo more than us Mexicans
Like, we don't even remember what we did.
"Oh yes, the battle against the french… what about it?"