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Not a personal ship, but I'll roll with it.😄

Done for Cinco de Mayo, and as a late birthday celebration for Pinkie Pie (whose birthday was on Monday, May 3rd).🥳😁

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021, and a belated happy birthday to my favorite earth pony. 🥰
safe1705690 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan260 derpibooru exclusive28374 king sombra13877 pinkie pie216138 earth pony248475 pony966841 umbrum1152 unicorn322959 .svg available8307 absurd resolution66263 armor23754 aura864 balloon10194 belly button77820 birthday2620 birthday cake877 birthday candle10 birthday candles81 bubble5251 cake9790 candle4723 cape10322 cinco de mayo38 cinco de mayo 20211 clothes459329 colored horn629 curved horn6719 cute199671 dark magic2725 determined smile37 diapinkes9877 ethereal mane7955 ethereal tail414 eye1650 fangs25322 female1362341 flowing mane1515 flowing tail545 food70067 glow4378 hoof around neck177 hoof on head407 horn67134 inkscape1792 king sombrero60 levitation12108 lifted leg503 lightning3124 looking at you168491 magic73234 magic aura4138 male372398 mane1829 mare480144 no base23 one eye closed30692 pinkie pie riding sombra2 pinkie pie's birthday17 ponies riding ponies2451 prancing503 raised hoof45602 riding7480 robe3657 royal cape46 shipping200153 shoes36694 simple background393123 smiling248207 smiling at you3604 smoke2565 sombra eyes3502 sombra horn468 sombradorable340 sombrapie72 sombrero322 stallion108693 straight136316 svg3617 telekinesis27713 text59513 transparent background202203 vector76866 wall of tags3064 wink24720 winking at you813


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Wand of Inferno
I swear americans celebrate 5 de mayo more than us Mexicans
Like, we don't even remember what we did.
"Oh yes, the battle against the french… what about it?"
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