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Here comes a whole bunch of Star Tracker transformation pics. His crossdressing cosplay sees him trying to find all sorts of little odds and ends he can use in his outfits, and more than a few times he's gotten his hooves on a cursed item that transforms him :D

Zebra jewelry is pretty crazy stuff. I like to think he borrowed it from Zecora and she just forgot to it was enchanted :P

And the rest:
Regular form
Harpy form
Inflatable form
Skunk form
Lamia form
Portrageist form
Siren form
Goo pony form
Twilight Sparkle form
Zebra form
safe1709484 artist:badumsquish1969 derpibooru exclusive28437 star tracker418 earth pony249824 pony970545 zebra17752 bracelet9457 confused4762 dreamworks face915 freckles28953 glow4386 high res29831 jewelry64009 looking down8891 male373740 mid-transformation52 race swap14279 raised hoof45811 show accurate15578 sitting63423 solo1066267 species swap19804 stallion109282 transformation10785 zebrafied186


not provided yet


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@Background Pony #7A34
@Background Pony #2773
Not all of it is, but enchanting items to make them magical is a tactic to use magic more effectively. It's like a very advanced form of potion-making. It's a good way to use magic beyond one's inherent capabilities, but it's also a lot more difficult to use since you don't have direct control over the magic anymore. Mishandling it can cause all sorts of crazy things to happen :D
Background Pony #2773
If her jewelry turns the wearer into a zebra, was Zecora originally something else?
Background Pony #7A34
If Zecora's jewelry is enchanted to turn the wearer into a zebra, then what would happen if a non-pony wore it? Like, what if a dragon or GMHAA put it on for a laugh, and began transforming?