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Here comes a whole bunch of Star Tracker transformation pics. His crossdressing cosplay sees him trying to find all sorts of little odds and ends he can use in his outfits, and more than a few times he's gotten his hooves on a cursed item that transforms him :D

Normally the accessories worn by a portrageist melt into lifeless paint if they're removed from their painting, but one that is particularly powerful and old can exist on its own and imbue its wearer with the abilities of a portrageist :P

And the rest:
Regular form
Harpy form
Inflatable form
Skunk form
Lamia form
Portrageist form
Siren form
Goo pony form
Twilight Sparkle form
Zebra form
safe1708471 artist:badumsquish1968 derpibooru exclusive28424 star tracker418 earth pony249504 ghost2689 ghost pony527 monster pony3438 original species25174 pony969561 portrageist7 undead2097 confused4759 dreamworks face912 freckles28931 glow4386 headband3464 high res29650 looking down8880 male373407 mid-transformation52 picture frame823 raised hoof45761 show accurate15541 sitting63370 solo1065607 species swap19780 stallion109134 transformation10778


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@Background Pony #B869
Cannon Star Tracker feels like an obsessed fan. He'll constantly invade Twilight's personal space and is generally a bit creepy around her (whispering in her ears for example). If he was actually crazy, he would probably reenact Stephen King's Misery. Thankfully he wasn't crazy. He is just nervous around Twilight and probably sucks at socializing in general.
Background Pony #B869
I wouldn't say so. Star Tracker doesn't seem the type to kidnap anypony, or not Badum's version of him (I dunno about canon Star, 'cause I haven't seen much of the second half of the show, but I don't think they'd put that kinda character in a kid's show and not make him a villain).
Background Pony #B869
I wonder… Can a portgeist enter any old painting, or only their own? Could they enter another portrageist's portrait, or would the other portrageist need to let them in like they would for any otber pony?