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safe1722881 artist:pia-sama1722 artist:str1ker87861 rarity183269 spike79349 human156266 breasts281496 busty rarity13084 butt touch4152 classroom1652 clothes465581 eyes closed95190 fanfic art14562 female1377661 hand on butt2857 high heels11421 hoodie14387 human spike573 humanized100705 kissing24924 male378516 older27172 older spike5374 school1803 school uniform7314 shipping202227 shoes37436 sparity6728 straight137876 sweatshirt557


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Background Pony #23D0
Hey Rarity Hey Rarity
I'm afraid to raise my hand
I have something to ask you
cause I want to understand

It's not about homework
It's about 1 + 1 is 2
I don't want you to teach me
I just want to be with you

Hey Rarity Rarity
Hey Rarity Rarity

Hey Rarity Rarity
I think I'm in love with you…
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@Background Pony #1A9E
You seem to not know that the comments should be the same rating as the image (and one above if spoiled, but no more than that, so Grimdark, Questionable and Explicit images/links/comments aren't allowed to be posted under this image).
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A note that this was inspired by a fanfiction of mine, "Extra Credit". I'll refrain from linking as it is NSFW, but you can find it on Fimfiction.