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safe1767805 artist:rokosmith26123 part of a set13951 derpy hooves50990 pegasus315711 pony1027729 behaving like a cat2265 boop box35 box4871 butt fluff358 cheek fluff6094 commission74613 eyes on the prize5620 female1416829 floppy ears55395 fluffy14881 food74029 if i fits i sits156 imminent pounce85 looking at something2764 lying down20494 mare509958 muffin6569 part of a series2815 pony in a box1034 roko's hunting ponies12 simple background414812 solo1106892 tail33217 text63144 that pony sure does love muffins480 transparent background211345 wings126366 ych result23452


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Word Bug
Thanks for doing this! I always love a cute Derpy doing cute stuff, and the YCH example was too tempting to resist.
Great work!