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More Dango for more power. >:D
safe1727939 artist:symbianl381 izzy moonbow2040 pipp petals1354 sunny starscout1674 earth pony256932 pegasus300341 pony988125 unicorn332697 g54373 my little pony: a new generation525 :34617 cute203000 cute little fangs2161 dango28 dumplings50 eating9798 eyes closed95664 fangs26079 female1382185 food71552 horn70927 horn impalement713 hornball385 izzy impaling things21 mare491425 open mouth150022 smiling254503 sweat26992 sweatdrop3308 the uses of unicorn horns39


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Wow, yet another duplicate of a pre-existing upload. Why am I not surprised, Johnny B. Mediocre? I mean, you did upload the previous SymbianL duplicate post, did you not?