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Fanfiction (cardiophile/love story)

Pinkie pie

Pinkie pie is in mane 6 castle making surprise cake for her friends

She crushes the paw and the eggs while talking for a long time
Pinkie Pie #2
Pinkie: holalalala gummy you realize that it is now had … 1 … 2 … 3
Olalala 9 years old that twilight met us and that now in the end of the week she will finally do it! to crown after the hard battle against our 3 enemy which nearly disintegrated us, enslaved spread the snow in equestria and..destroyedthewholeworldandsaythatBla-bla-bla bla-bla-bla thisbattleresembledmanyothers in other parallel universes? Moin either!
I talk too much ? Yes I know because I am excited !!!!

gummy looks at her while licking her eye

After 1 hour of cooking in the oven then pinkie is looking in front of the sheath
A thought crossed her

Pinkie pie: Funny gummy but … come to think of it … cheese sandwiches are … now my favorite friend.

Pinkie looks at gummy in confusion and takes out the cake

Pinkie pie: I don't understand it's supposed to be twilight fluttershy rarity rainbow dash apple jack spike discord starlight trixie that stool that cake and you be more my best friends but
Why cheese sandwiches?
gummy blink

Pinkie: ahahaha very funny no I don't think so because we have the same hairstyle hehe … ein? pinkie looks gummy with more questions

Gummy blinks with one eye

Pinkie: GAAAAAAASSSPP you mean I …

gummy watch

Pinkie: You mean I ….
Pinkie pie (except it does!) plz
still look gummy

Pinkie: you mean I am ….
a..a u … a new enemy?

gummy goes away

Pinkie: Ey but wait! I need you to put on the whipped cream

Later pinkie models the cake with each color of her disgusting friends

Pinkie: no .. he's not an enemy it's something weirder than me
More complicated and stressful than starlight being mean
And more useless and complicated than cadance …..
thoughtful pinkie
Pinkie: cadence … why Cad …

Pinkie stops and hears a small heartbeat in the room
*du-dump du-dump du-dump du-dump du-dump
Pinkie pie (The map!) plz

Pinkie: well at the other room ah spike there you are! it's you who thinks of rarity again!
I can still hear your drumbeat betraying you baby dragon … spike?

pinkie goes down the hall to the door but sees no one and still hears one. Heartbeat
Pinkie: SPIIKE! He is not here ? But who is it ?
Still fluttershy?
No she has a stethoscope …. anyway … shakes his head the cake!

Pinkie still hears the sound of the heart in every room and continues the cake
But she feels the regular tapping in her pink chest
Pinkie: Aaaaaah 🥰 but you were my sweetheart
What's wrong ?
Yeah, always less talkative than gummy

After a long moment of trying to think it over a spark appears in her eyes

Pinkie: is this really happening to me today …

Her heart is ringing louder and pinkie thinks more of the sweet look of cheese sandwiches
All its quality
And his smile

Pinkie: awww am I ….

Pinkie Pie's heart leaps from her chest as far and hard as it can

Pinkie: I'm in love with cheese sandwich … that's what you mean sweetheart 😍

Pinkie Pie is totally blown away with the lost gaze all blushing and put on her two hooves feeling are mad pink heart in love beating and echoing throughout the castle BABUMP! BABUMP! BABUMP! BABUMP! BABUMP! BABUMP!
Heart beat
Crazy pinkie in love presses her hooves to her smiling heart
Before exploding with choice throughout the castle in confetti ….. literally
And reform

Pinkie: I finally feel love!
It is true that it is something complicated but if my friends knew I would look scared like a fluttershy! does that mean fluttershy has been in love all her life? i don't know and it doesn't matter! I … I will finish the cake! To do the first step ! Give him the cake
Yes I will get there …
Spike: Hehe …

Pinkie looks behind her

Spike: yeah well I wish you more than good luck 😑

pinkie gives spike a huge hug

Don't worry, you and I will get the reward of our tembour

Spike: you are very positive



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