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gameartsjoy said:
Hey if we’ve got magic rings to change our whatsits, we could get a magic ring of water breathing or something. Oh! We could ask Moondancer if she knows about an item like that. How’s that sound?
On your way back to Aqua Skies and Marine Wave’s house, a small fleet of pegasi flies overhead, followed by a slight shift in the wind. Clouds now float eastward, and sails return their crafts to the shore.
Approaching the familiar housefront, you find Moondancer sitting at a small table with Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine in the side yard. The three unicorns greet your party, and invite you to join them.
Moondancer: “My sister told me what happened this morning. Wait, is that…?”
Noticing Moondancer’s puzzled look, you introduce Furia Storm to her and her friends.
Moondancer: “So sirens really can turn into ponies. None of my books on marine life said anything about that.”
Furia Storm: “I wonder why.”
Lemon Hearts: “Is it true that sirens can cast spells just by singing?”
Twinkleshine: “That’s how you saved the town, right?”
After a few seconds of Furia Storm’s flat stare, you decide to break the silence, and answer the questions on her behalf.
Lemon Hearts: “Oh! Minuette said she’s in charge of the music for the celebration tonight, and she’s looking for performers. I know you’ll probably be busy, what with being the guest of honour and all, but let her know if you want a spot on the stage, alright? I bet you’re really good at singing!”
Furia Storm perks up at the mention of music, but quickly returns to her nonchalant self.
Furia Storm: “Uh huh. So, why are we here again?”
Making a long story short, you ask Moondancer if she knows any magic that could allow you and Moonflower to travel underwater.
Moondancer: “Underwater? Well, I’ve heard about an enchanted pearl that allowed the hippogriffs to transform into seaponies. Something like that might work, although the Hippogriff Kingdom is nowhere near this side of Equestria.”
Twinkleshine: “Didn’t Sea Swirl talk about diving earlier? She might know a spell or two that can help.”
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