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Well, no matter what the seed is used for, our future batty Oracle here surely will take good care of it. Moonflower will figure out its secrets eventually. So let's get her home! We probably should make a last stop here in Midgard to resupply, though, not to mention tell somepony about Yggdrasil's trading post. We could sail over to Astora so we can also say goodbye to Clear Fountain. And we should ask Smoke what she's going to do…

In preparation for your journey back home, you decide to make one last stop to replenish your supplies. And so, you sail eastward to the town where your sojourn in Midgard began…

You enter the temple grounds of the Abbey of Astora. Though the area seems less busy than during your last visit, you find Clear Fountain standing in her usual spot. Her smile widens at your approach, and she greets you with radiant warmth.

Clear Fountain: "Trailblazer, Moonflower, Apple Basket, and Smoke. What good fortune to see you all again! Much has changed since we last met, just as you have. It is a lovely colour, and matches the pleasant weather we have been having."

You return the cleric's smile, and reply that if your hair is the sky, then hers is the sun. But before trying to make her blush through her coat any further, you let her know about why you've come.

Clear Fountain: "Oh! It would be my pleasure to provide you with some spare food and water. Come, it would not do to travel on an empty stomach."

Your party follows Clear Fountain into the temple. She leads you to a modest kitchen, where shelves hold dozens of sacks of vegetables and barrels of water. She grabs three sacks — one of each kind —, and places them on a counter in front of you.

Clear Fountain: "Would this be enough? This, and a small barrel of freshwater, although I do not have the strength to lift one myself."

You nod, and thank the unicorn for her generosity. In exchange, you and your friends pool your remaining bronze bits together, and donate them to the kind cleric. Surely, she will have better use for them than you would.

You give 3 Bronze Bits to Clear Fountain, and get 16 Beetroots, 8 Cabbages, Keg of Water, and 16 Potatoes! The keg of water doesn't fit into your saddlebags, so Smoke carries it instead.

Once your sidereal bag is loaded with supplies, you decide to tell Clear Fountain about Yggdrasil's trading post.

Clear Fountain: "Interesting! I will be sure to let other ponies know. That said, after everything that happened, I get the feeling that we may have to reach out to Equestria to learn more. If so, then perhaps I can slip a letter of my own in there."

The cleric winks at you, and you can't help but grin back. With that, and a round of hugs and nuzzles from you and your two younger friends, you bid farewell to Clear Fountain.

Clear Fountain: "I wish you all the best!"

You leave the Abbey of Astora. On your way back to your sailboat, you look over to Smoke, who carries the heavy keg effortlessly. Curious, you ask her if she will be coming along with you to Equestria.

Smoke: "As fun as that sounds, I don't think I'm ready to leave this place behind just yet. I gave the ponies here a hard time before you showed up, and now, I kinda feel honour-bound to make up for it, you know?"

In anticipation of one of your mushy pony retorts, the dragon preemptively ruffles your mane.

Smoke: "Don't worry, I'll stick around until you're back in Equestria. From what I hear, you could use the extra protection. Heh."
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