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nihilagis said:
We should see what the Sidereal Bag does and whether the Worn Dagger is magic, so… probably go and see the Enchanter? We should also definitely get Furia something to eat and/or a place to sleep. After everything she’s done and been through, she deserves whatever comforts we can offer.
You tell your friends that you’re going to identify the treasure you found, and ask if they know anywhere Furia Storm can rest in the meantime.
Dawn Break: “With enough luck, we might be able to get both of those things done right here. Come on in.”
You bid farewell to Sea Swirl and Sweet Biscuit, then follow Dawn Break inside the house. Marine Wave, who was cleaning around the dining room, puts away her broom before coming to greet you. She quickly takes notice of your new companion.
Marine Wave: “Welcome back! I see you’ve brought— oh, sweet Celestia! Is this pony alright? She looks like she hasn’t eaten in weeks!”
Furia Storm: “Uh huh… weeks. Sure, let’s go with that.”
Marine Wave: “That just won’t do. Come, let’s fix you a little something to eat!”
Before anyone gets the chance to protest, Furia Storm is dragged into the kitchen. As the clattering of dishes and utensils escape the room, Dawn Break seizes the opportunity to go look for her sister upstairs. You do the same, and surely find Moondancer with her muzzle buried in a book. Hearing you enter the room, the younger unicorn slides off the bed to greet you.
Dawn Break: “Hey, I figured I’d find you in here.”
Moondancer: “I was just reading Twi… I mean, that’s not important. So, what’s going on?”
Dawn Break: “Trailblazer and Moonflower found some more items for you to identify.”
Moondancer: “More? Well, you are some sort of treasure hunters, aren’t you? Let’s have a look.”
You show the sidereal bag and worn dagger to Moondancer, and she begins to identify them using her unicorn magic.
Moondancer: “This is a sidereal bag. If you’ve never had one of these before, think of it as a weightless, shapeless magic bag. It’s currently tied to your magic signature, so only you can reach inside of it. That also means you won’t be able to use it if it gets disenchanted, but that’s not something that can’t be fixed.
As for the knife, it’s… just a regular knife. It looks old, though. Centuries old, even. A blacksmith might be able to restore it for you.”
You thank Moondancer for her service, and give Moonflower her share of the items, which she stores away with the rest of her belongings.
You give 17 Gemstones, and Worn Dagger to Moonflower.
Moondancer: “Was there anything else? Because I’m suddenly detecting a strong magic presence nearby.”
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Background Pony #AE37
so cute <3
looks like she just realised how ugly her Chris Chan glasses are