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A patron request for Charmaegontu

A request to have Scootaloo turn into a monster, and with her biological parents being magic-monster tracking Steve Irwin- family -knockoffs… so I doodled this irreverence you see before you. Apologies to all my Ossie watchers.

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safe1751380 artist:lytlethelemur226 mane allgood272 scootaloo51930 snap shutter287 big cat1088 earth pony266286 lion526 pegasus309418 accent241 action pose1199 comic111517 full moon3562 helmet11222 hot air balloon992 lycanthropy10 moon24114 scared10768 scooter1284 sticker1600 suitcase405 tongue out108350 transformation11328 wat19476 wing hands2144 wings123300


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Background Pony #4D6A
In a rejected Ending of the End, the villains weren't turned to stone. Scootaloo ate them.