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Commission by kachito. An alternate version of this pairing.

All credit belongs to focusb.
source needed15316 suggestive148447 alternate version49866 artist:focusb549 flash sentry13165 lyra heartstrings30105 equestria girls207235 equestria girls series34944 against wall2068 beautiful5788 big breasts86062 blushing204778 breast fondling2329 breast grab7463 breast squish1763 breasts288827 busty lyra heartstrings977 cheek kiss1886 cleavage35649 clothes476264 crotch grab65 dress46086 evening gloves8648 eyes closed98177 female1402513 flash sentry gets all the waifus348 gloves20965 grope13835 holding3374 imminent sex7376 intimate304 kissing25388 long gloves6170 lyraflash23 male388249 passionate398 sexy30710 shipping205732 side slit1445 straight140382 suit6135 touch388


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Background Pony #DFA2
Flash making sure Lyra's all heated up before she walks down the aisle to make sure she gives Bon Bon a passionate "I do!"