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Pebbles finds herself at the mercy of her girlfriend Obsidian.
And her girlfriend is quite sadistic and merciless :3
suggestive170655 artist:caroo874 oc825229 oc:obsidian112 oc:pebbles61 earth pony352219 anthro310743 plantigrade anthro42187 begging1123 blushing235333 bondage40398 crying49870 erotic tickling1098 feet48067 female1582520 fetish48468 foot fetish9739 foot focus3736 freckles35813 laughing9580 lesbian107736 oc x oc19760 offscreen character43070 open mouth193784 shipping227482 soles5729 solo focus22149 straps905 sweat32997 sweatdrops1518 tears of laughter1063 tickle fetish2044 tickle torture2856 tickling5365 toe tied614 toes7890 wide eyes18687


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