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April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
New Lunar RepublicNLR(43335)
(33906)Solar EmpireSE

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Smol excited filly seeing her best princess on the streets of Canterlot, nothing big to see here
Second attend on Medibang, this time with correct options turned on and with some more useful brushes.
Do you have any nice android drawing apps to recommed?
check out my twitterrrr~ twitter.com/Julunis14
safe1999820 artist:julunis14522 twilight sparkle336246 pony1351878 unicorn458845 adorkable4089 bag7758 behaving like a dog1568 blank flank9075 blushing243096 chest fluff55647 cute240135 digital art26195 dork4415 ear fluff42723 excited3640 female1628353 filly86396 filly twilight sparkle3152 happy39146 heart63597 medibang paint527 saddle bag7331 signature36108 smiling339350 solo1290913 tail wag1349 tooth gap284 twiabetes14046 unicorn twilight27202 younger20510


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I miss the show so much
Thank you, Julunis14. This kind of art is exactly what I need now.