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Smol excited filly seeing her best princess on the streets of Canterlot, nothing big to see here
Second attend on Medibang, this time with correct options turned on and with some more useful brushes.
Do you have any nice android drawing apps to recommed?

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safe1750100 artist:julunis14296 twilight sparkle306069 pony1010136 unicorn342146 adorkable3584 bag5125 blank flank7707 blushing204569 chest fluff41181 cute205650 digital art20139 dork3863 ear fluff31174 excited3064 female1401556 filly69599 filly twilight sparkle2773 happy32177 heart50004 medibang paint324 saddle bag6018 signature26904 smiling260813 solo1094132 tail wag1118 tooth gap216 twiabetes12264 unicorn twilight18685 younger17757


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