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glasses edit
safe1879186 artist:aaa-its-spook242 edit148171 twilight sparkle322097 alicorn256734 pony1225081 equestria girls223920 armpits44512 bench2947 black nail polish119 black socks207 bun hairstyle56 clothes525446 crossed hooves2324 eyebrows12207 eyebrows visible through hair6414 eyes closed110885 female1516940 glasses72464 hair bun3961 happy35630 human ponidox3795 i can't believe it's not sci-twi121 multicolored hair7683 multicolored mane2628 multicolored tail1920 petting2150 purple eyes3525 relaxing1674 self ponidox9069 shoes45344 sitting72969 sleeping25464 smiling302560 sneakers5656 socks76116 sports outfit211 tanktop8976 tights750 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133559 twilight's professional glasses138 wristband4200


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ToxicHolyGrenade, I know you’ve added extra tags, but stop adding the Human and/or Humanized tags on EqG-themed images (images tagged with the Equestria Girls tag), it’s against the Filters and Search Results purposes.
Also, OP, do not add the Sci-Twi tag by your personal preference, Glasses edit DOESN’T means it’s actually her all the time. Also, she’s already have her own unique pony form shown in Spring Breakdown. Please learn the differences.
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