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I can guess that history will repeat itself, like Twilight. Maybe yes or not, but in my opinion it’ll be possible :) But Luster Dawn is more worried and insecurity about it than Twilight was.  
I’m in happy mood, ready to draw some fan arts :)  
Have a nice day! <3
safe1767882 artist:ali-selle129 luster dawn1675 twilight sparkle308193 alicorn235804 pony1027831 the last problem6178 alicornified5699 crown18241 future558 jewelry70297 lustercorn62 older28163 older twilight1953 palace140 princess2271 princess twilight 2.02622 regalia21535 royalty1277 smiling266135 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127042 wings126377 worried4082


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Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
A bit early for Twilight to be looking for a replacement but perhaps she intends for luster to be her co-ruler.
Celestia had Luna so Twilight may desire a partner to split the workload with.