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I can guess that history will repeat itself, like Twilight. Maybe yes or not, but in my opinion it’ll be possible :) But Luster Dawn is more worried and insecurity about it than Twilight was.  
I’m in happy mood, ready to draw some fan arts :)  
Have a nice day! <3
safe1996707 artist:ali-selle133 luster dawn1977 twilight sparkle335978 alicorn279138 pony1349203 the last problem7285 alicornified6757 crown25563 future618 high res88073 jewelry93595 lustercorn75 older34810 older twilight2775 palace164 princess2893 princess twilight 2.03322 regalia30597 royalty1594 smiling338760 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139857 wings180531 worried4979


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Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
A bit early for Twilight to be looking for a replacement but perhaps she intends for luster to be her co-ruler.
Celestia had Luna so Twilight may desire a partner to split the workload with.