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Finished the Maud Faces. XD
Making all them faces are always a challenge.
A lot f the extreme faces I was unable to use though. =w="

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safe1706307 artist:symbianl370 maud pie12463 earth pony248718 pony967456 :34536 :<1044 :p8904 :t3785 alternate hairstyle28095 alternate timeline2985 apocalypse maud107 blushing197629 bust49959 cheek fluff5552 cross-popping veins1634 crystal war timeline1406 cute199795 ear fluff29558 expressions946 female1363003 floppy ears52314 fluffy14247 gradient background12635 heart48379 heart eyes16599 hoof fluff1772 looking at you168637 mare480501 maudabetes478 neck fluff755 no pupils4027 scar11992 shadowed face16 smiling248446 solo1064158 sticker pack19 teary eyes4129 telegram sticker244 tongue out103942 wavy mouth3684 when she smiles1036 wingding eyes22256


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Background Pony #30F2
I like this but the cleft lip that horses don't have make her look like a cat.

Honestly it is unusually expressive but it's just not too much enough that it fits Maud a little. Plus she is way too adorable so I can't really complain. :3
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Anime Ponies yo
The last one on the lower right, I kinda just wanted to see her crack up.
I imagined her hearing the worst most cringy dad joke ever and her actually liking it. lol =w=