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Princess Twilight: You make me so happy, Bran…. I love you… nuzzles me Mmmmm….
Me: I love you too, Twily…. I’m happy to be ruling Equestria alongside you… pecks her lips
Princess Twilight: Me too… I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world, in any world….
Base used belongs to michi-bases
Background belongs to Just-Silvushka
Twilight’s Cutie mark belongs to GalaxyArtProduction2
Twilight’s wings belongs to XGeneralMarshmallowX
My horn made by MegLuanaPinkiePie
I hope you all like it!!
safe1754095 artist:brandonthebronypony53 twilight sparkle306576 oc713443 oc:brandon114 alicorn233455 the last problem6102 alicorn oc27693 blushing205136 blushing profusely2131 canon x oc26190 cute206101 glasses64910 holding hooves1705 horn78190 love5167 lucky bastard1734 older27882 older twilight1886 princess twilight 2.02556 romantic1538 self insert776 self insertion8 spread wings57256 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126343 wingboner8380 wings123723


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