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Continuation of >>2575301
Looks like Rainbow Dash was bailed out.

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safe1749216 artist:rokosmith26123 lightning dust4605 rainbow dash238408 twilight sparkle305986 alicorn232684 pegasus308741 pony1009408 arm behind back6433 bars142 chains5104 chest fluff41132 clothes475447 commission72926 cuffs4654 eyebrows6389 eyebrows visible through hair3163 female1400788 finished commission214 irritated229 looking back60000 mare501638 officer ld7 police officer753 police uniform502 simple background408730 sitting65520 smiling260497 spread wings56984 text62138 transparent background208652 trio9731 trio female1998 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126146 wagon950 wagon wheel21 wheel494 wings122849


not provided yet


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