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safe1726976 artist:puyohh6 izzy moonbow2027 sunny starscout1654 earth pony256607 pony987256 unicorn332312 g54331 4 panel comic49 :o3823 :p9149 alternate hairstyle28605 book33930 cellphone3704 chest fluff40060 comic110243 cute202892 duo62862 earbuds846 exclamation point3885 eyes closed95587 female1381327 glowing horn20057 grass9898 grin39617 hairband1278 horn70697 interrobang974 izzybetes423 levitation12303 loose hair1863 magic74270 mare490943 music notes3345 open mouth149864 phone6437 question mark4612 raised hoof47482 reading6345 sitting64393 smartphone2091 smiling254277 sunnybetes239 surprised9416 telekinesis28202 tongue out106008 unshorn fetlocks26250 waving3011


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Background Pony #2AC2
So Sunny is the future alicorn in the G5. I seem to see a pattern; Celestia — Twilight — Sunny. It is possible that the young earth pony — which is probably meant to be a continuation of the earth pony Twilight Sparkle from the first draft of the G5 — will represent a new beginning, a new start as when the morning appears with the sunrise. In that case, Twilight was the sunset itself on a very long story that began a thousand years before. Here, Sunny will begin on bare ground after a long night, with memories of yesterday with the heroines of the past.
Background Pony #A0EE
Izzy unbraided Sunny mane and said mane resume to its original style like Pinkie Pie mane does? At least that's how I understand it