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From the art battle, the theme in the title.
safe1918901 artist:gor1ck258 apple bloom55231 scootaloo54586 sweetie belle52451 earth pony338489 pegasus382502 pony1266528 unicorn420109 tabun art-battle163 artificial wings2245 augmented3309 blueprint208 boulder279 cutie mark crusaders20491 exclamation point4696 female1554355 filly80908 hand10383 hard hat809 magic83715 magic hands1094 mechanical wing704 scootaloo can't fly539 seesaw64 tabun art-battle finished after81 telekinesis32788 this will end in pain2293 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap307 trust me17 trust me i'm an engineer2 wings163057 👌98


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Background Pony #3D94
This was later known as mistake #1. Also Apple Bloom will be launched when she pushes that rock, known as mistake #2.
Background Pony #17B6
I don’t think Scoots is going to be the only one flying once that boulder falls.
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