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ask-midnight-glow said:
Well if there is no time to lose then we need to get going right away!
You hurriedly follow the guard back into the castle. As soon as you reach the main hall, the guard comes to a screeching halt, and turns to you and Moonflower.
Earth pony guard: “Enjoy yourselves!”
In the snap of a claw, you suddenly find yourselves in a different room, sitting at a table with a young princess.
Princess: “Oh, dear…”
Moonflower: “Whoa! What just happened?”
Princess: “Do not be alarmed, my little ponies. It is I, Princess Celestia.
It appears that you have been brought here by Discord’s doing. I am terribly sorry that you had to be involved in this little game of his.”
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safe1921220 artist:rangelost1067 princess celestia103253 oc810806 oc:moonflower281 oc:trailblazer384 alicorn264803 bat pony61440 earth pony339379 pony1268663 cyoa:d20 pony879 bat pony oc23599 canterlot castle2548 cap5606 crown23369 cup7444 female1556330 food83949 hat104197 jewelry86150 mare589179 pink-mane celestia2870 pixel art13055 regalia27752 tea3366 teacup3357 trio14959


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