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gameartsjoy said:
You’re in Canterlot, ya dope! Go sightseeing at the castle!
You remark that it will be a while before your next train arrives, and ask Moonflower if she would like to visit the royal castle in the meantime.
Moonflower: “Ooh! Can we do that?!”
You begin to follow the road west around the city, and after a few minutes of walking, you reach the entrance to Canterlot Castle. As you approach the castle gates, however, your path is blocked by crossing spears.
Pegasus gatekeeper: “I’m sorry, but the castle doors are closed to visitors at this time. You’ll have to come back late—”
Before the gatekeeper can finish his sentence, another guard comes rushing out of the castle.
Earth pony guard: “Trailblazer, Moonflower, thank goodness you’re here! There’s no time to lose, the Princess needs to see you right away. Follow me!”
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