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Commissioned by: tristang123

Looks like AJ and Dash had some "competition"
suggestive145437 artist:niban-destikim393 applejack171492 fluttershy214832 rainbow dash236143 raspberry lilac153 starlight759 equestria girls203119 abs11359 applejacked1240 background human6297 bandeau961 beach15367 bikini18518 blushing200909 breasts283244 clothes466992 comic110209 commission70528 dialogue66503 emanata113 embarrassed11560 explanations in the comments1 female1380896 flexing1254 grope13420 muscles12566 muscleshy427 muscular female1879 patreon12780 patreon logo8688 patreon reward1613 rainbuff dash867 shocked7096 shocked expression981 showing off528 swimsuit28870 wetsuit775 word balloon306


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Rainbow Dash: wait… how Fluttershy is SO Buff!?
Applejack: now that's explain why she always use that wetsuit after she was in that Bear's sanctuary
Rainbow Dash: B-Bear's Sanctuary?!
Applejack: Eeyup
Background Pony #F0AC
It's why she has the wetsuit on. She's so irresistible anyone would want her even if she's not trying.