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Commissioned by: tristang123

Looks like AJ and Dash had some "competition"
suggestive148279 artist:niban-destikim402 applejack173194 fluttershy217142 rainbow dash238456 raspberry lilac172 starlight764 equestria girls206825 abs11549 applejacked1258 background human6310 bandeau963 beach15883 bikini18951 blushing204436 breasts288455 clothes475555 comic111425 commission72939 dialogue67913 emanata139 embarrassed11736 explanations in the comments1 female1400928 flexing1272 grope13800 muscles12814 muscleshy431 muscular female1967 patreon12916 patreon logo8743 patreon reward1653 rainbuff dash876 shocked7247 shocked expression1029 showing off534 swimsuit29586 wetsuit815 word balloon312


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Rainbow Dash: wait… how Fluttershy is SO Buff!?
Applejack: now that's explain why she always use that wetsuit after she was in that Bear's sanctuary
Rainbow Dash: B-Bear's Sanctuary?!
Applejack: Eeyup
Background Pony #F0AC
It's why she has the wetsuit on. She's so irresistible anyone would want her even if she's not trying.