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Although fusions that comprise of a diverse selection of ponies, it is the small connections that can make a family what it is today. Such is the case as we see with Queen Fresh Care (Derpy Hooves, Mayor Mare, Carrot Top, Minuette) and her loving daughter Princess Young Heart (Dinky Hooves, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo) as we see these two strolling together. What with Fresh Care very busy during the day running the town as its practical mayor, mailmare, part time dentist and produce expert, plus Young Heart dealing with both school and her place as the president of the new Cutie Mark Crusaders, helping the many fillies and colts not that younger than herself to make friends as well as to develop and eventually discover their cutie marks just like her own component fillies did. When the day is done and these two alongside the loving husband and father King Righteous Authority are able to relax and recover from the day, these 3 can enjoy each other’s company and are able to go out or do things together as a family. Whether it is things like baking and other fun activities, this royal yet down to earth family of Ponyville shows everypony what the meaning of family and such a loving embrace of one another can achieve..
safe1974640 artist:pledus220 apple bloom56466 carrot top5903 derpy hooves54039 dinky hooves4566 golden harvest5903 mayor mare3642 minuette6471 scootaloo55565 sweetie belle53525 oc838291 oc:princess young heart60 oc:queen fresh care66 alicorn275059 pony1327056 unicorn447931 alicorn oc33066 alicorn princess485 clothes560556 commissioner:bigonionbean2518 cute236822 duo118742 female1606258 flying47484 fusion6313 fusion:princess young heart60 fusion:queen fresh care64 glasses77596 horn117764 mare619869 mother and child4054 mother and daughter7058 royalty1558 wings175788 writer:bigonionbean2196


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